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Sealy was founded in the 1880's by a cotton gin builder by the name of Daniel.

Daniel began experimenting with stuffing cotton between the springs of his bed to make it more comfortable.

After he was happy with the results, he invited his friends and neighbors over to review the make-shift bed now full of cotton.

The analysis was positive. So Daniel, his neighbors and friends, started to build and distribute the mattresses around Texas USA where they all lived.

It became so popular Daniel was able to sell the rights of the bed design to a successful advertising agent.

At the start of the 20th century, they went National in the United States of America and began making great success selling these beds, which they later shipped world-wide.

The corporations name 'Sealy', comes from where the bedding was invented in Sealy, Texas.

Some of the most popular products on the market include the following:

All of these types of bedding have different properties. You can view the properties of these different types below:

Posturepedic have the latest in spring technology. These support your entire body while equally distributing weight over a wider surface. This type of mattress is considered one of the best types in the world. As comfortable bedding grew through popularity, so did the process in manufacturing.

Orthopedic are quite similar to the Posturepedic range. However, the Orthopedic offers a softer surface for people with fragile joints that easily become stiff. The Orthopedic mattress is designed to bring comfort to the user while allowing blood flow to be unaffected by the weight distribution.

While Organic beds do not provide a huge benefit to comfort, they have many features that sell well to organic loving people. Some of these features include: Lambs wool & cotton fabrication, no added chemicals that could potentially affect allergies, fire retardant materials and helping the environment.

Memory Foam:
This is a very soft pliable material that shapes itself around your body and eventually creates an indent of your body and sleeping position. Memory foam is affordable comfort selection for people seeking comfort while sleeping.

Latex Foam:
While very similar to other Foams, Latex Foam is a bit more expensive. The is debate between which is better for comfort, and inevitably it all depends on the person sleeping on the bed.

Optimum provide heat to you when you are cold and cold to you when you are hot. Optimum have a thing gel lining that molds to your body shape and provides deep level support for heavier individuals.

Stearns and Foster:
This uses interlinked coil spring technology that provides support for specific parts of the body. Stearns and Foster are the ultimate in mattress comfort, and with that comes a luxury price tag. The range includes box springs, which stop shock from transferring across the bed.