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Posturepedic Reviews FAQs

Before contacting us, read though the questions and answers below. Who knows, maybe your answer is here!

Question: How do I write a review?
Answer: Follow the instructions on this page Write a review.

Question: How do I view your current reviews?
Answer: You can find all the products we review on this page View our reviews.

Question: What do you do with the information I provide on forms?
Answer: We go into detail about this here privacy policy.

Question: How long will it take for my review to be posted?
Answer: The average time for posting new reviews is 12 hours. However, this sometimes takes up to 48 hours.

Question: My review was rejected, what did I do wrong?
Answer: Please have a read through our Do's and Don'ts'. If you still think you did nothing to deserve review rejection please contact us.

Question: Is there a way to turn off the adverts?
Answer: Because this website is not funded by any organization or company, we make ends meet by running adverts on our website.

Question: How reliable are your reviews?
Answer: As reliable as the people that wrote them. However, we do run a tight ship when it comes to reviews. We do not allow 1 person to review 2 of the same product, even if he or she bought the product twice.

Question: How do you make sure a person does not post a review multiple times?
Answer: When reviewees submit the 'write a review' form, their Internet Protocol address is recorded in our database. If a saved Internet Protocol reviewee submits a second review, we are warned by our system.

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