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How to improve your posture

Are you at risk of having a poor posture?

Over time our postures change to the way we live our lives. Because of this, we become unaware that our postures have changed at all.

Repetitive occupational or forced focused activities can change your posture greatly.

Also if your job is highly stressful, you are more likely to develop shoulder or neck symptoms.

People with jobs that involve sitting for most of the day are more likely to develop symptoms relating to a bad posture. Office workers and drivers/delivery personnel are affected the most.

However, it's not only your posture that is affected by these jobs. Office workers and drivers are likely to develop arthritis earlier and more aggressively than the average person. For office workers this is caused by constant use of the mouse. As for drivers, the strain of turning a wheel.

It's not only our jobs that have an affect on our postures! As our technology is slowly removing physical daily tasks, our health deteriorates. This and a mix of poor diet is easily visible in the world today.

Having a bad posture can affect you more than you might think. Keep reading if you want to learn how to improve your posture.

How to spot someone with poor posture

Musculoskeletal distortion in the lower/upper back as well as the neck is a sure sign of poor posture.

Incorrect posture can differ from person to person and is not just a slumped over position. Being tired or ill can result in a hunch-back look, this is not to be confused with a bad posture.

Round elevated shoulders with a pushed-forward head, pot belly and a jutted neck and chin are clear signs of a poor posture.

A bad posture can result in a pot belly, this is due to the organs being compressed by the curvature of the spine.

These positions increase the stress applied to your hip joints and lower back.

What are the risks of having a poor posture?

Poor posture results in feeling uncomfortable, in extreme cases it can cause constant or sharp pain.

Having a poor posture can also affect your ability to process information. This is due to the lungs being compressed and not being able to fill to the full capacity, reducing oxygen flow to the brain. Having compressed lungs can also cause loud and uneven breathing patterns.

Poor posture is an emotional as well as physical problem. It can affect moods and social interactions, posture is a vital part of body language. Someone with good posture would be easier to approach than someone with poor posture.

In some cases, headaches can be a direct cause of bad posture as blood pressure increases. People that occur nose bleeds, dizziness and irregular headaches may be affected by a bad posture.

Ways to improve your posture

One way to improve your posture is to stand up straight and evenly balance your body on both feet. It can be difficult to determine the center of balance manually. Luckily there are devices out there to help determine this, one would be the Wii Fit Plus pack. You can also practice yoga on this gaming console to improve your posture.

Sleeping and sitting on posturepedic mattresses and chairs can improve your posture.

When carrying heavy objects always bend your knees and not your waist. If the object you are carrying has to be placed on your back, try not to lean forward as this can damage your posture.

Try not to slouch forward when walking. Imagine balancing a jug of water on your head to help.

To help with remembering to keep the correct posture try thinking of an unique color or an object, every time you think of it, check your posture.

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