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Posturepedic vs Tempurpedic

Posturepedic vs Tempurpedic

Posturepedic vs Tempurpedic has always been a debated topic in the world of luxury comfort.

In this article, we will be closely comparing the Sealy Posturepedic Coil Spring mattress to the Tempurpedic Memory Foam mattress.




Posturepedic was invented over 60 years ago. Sealy Posturepedic is a famous brand world-wide and competes as one of the most popular manufacturers of mattresses, beds, pillows and chairs. Sealy was founded in the USA and named after Sealy, Texas. In the mid 1970's NASA created a new material to help keep astronauts warm and comfortable while in space. Later refined in Sweden to be suitable for mattresses, this material became known as Tempurpedic Memory Foam world-wide.




Pro: Posturepedic provides firm support for the spine and waist while distributing weight equally to other parts of the body.
Con: Posturepedic are reportable too firm for some people, resulting in aches and pains in the morning.
Pro: Tempurpedic has a higher comfort reviews count due to the soft memory foam molding around your shape.
Con: Tempurpedic reviews suggest Tempurpedic Memory Foam leaves body heat close to the surface, resulting in hot sleepless nights.

Warranty and Durability



One year guarantee, Nine year warranty on all posturepedic and pocket sets. One year guarantee on any Sealy mattresses bought individually. A Posturepedic mattress can last anywhere between 8 to 10 years. Tempurpedic provide a '10 Year Full-Replacement Limited Warranty'. Tempurpedic mattresses can last between 10 to 15 years. However, there have been reports that 'Customers must qualify for the warranty as it is not automatic'.

Price and Value for money

In order to create a price comparison, we took 5 queen size mattress prices of both manufacturers from amazon.com.




Total: $2864.00
Average: $572.80


Total: $2985.00
Average: $597.00

Difference: $24.20
Value for money: Both are equally valued in terms of value for money.

Posturepedic vs Tempurpedic conclusion

While both the Sealy Posturepedic coil spring mattress and Tempurpedic memory foam mattress seem to be very different. They both retain value for money and comfort.

Our conclusion eliminates the choice between the 2. Instead, the definative differences between the Posturepedic and Tempurpedic mattress rely solely on the individual that is going to use the bed.